About Market Access Group & Market Express


Market Express Ltd. (an SBU of Market Access Group) is one of the pioneer trade marketing service providers in Bangladesh.

Market Access Group (MAG) provides a number of services including Trade Marketing Services, HR Solutions, Events, Activation, Promotion, Training & Development, Sales & Distribution, PoSM & Furniture Production, Creative & Digital. Since 1999, Market Access Group is serving number of renowned multi-national and local companies of Bangladesh. Market Access Group has in house creative, procurement, audit, logistics team along with 9 area officers across Bangladesh to support national scale activities.

Since its inception in year 2006, Market Express Ltd. has been a trusted name in providing Trade Marketing Services with out-of-the box ideas blended with top notch execution at the marketplace. Crafting client needs and then addressing the core issues of the clients through translating ideas into superior execution.

Over the years, Market Express Ltd. has profoundly broken its own records by engaging itself with different clients and off different industries.

About the team

Our team consists of highly qualified and dynamic individuals from diverse business background spanning over a cumulative experience of more than 50 years in the field of marketing. Since inception we are consistently taking initiatives to make sure that all of our team members have frequent training and are always on top of the competency curve. Our expertise is uniformly distributed to meet the needs of any client who requires a sustainable solution to ensure smooth business operation in any part of the country.

We want to remain contemporary and highly believe that people are the most important assets to an organization. Investment on human resources makes our learning curves steeper. We are prominent in the industries we operate for such actions and ideologies.

Our goal is to maximize our clients’ value and enhance our credentials to develop a platform where any entity will operate to succeed through joint cooperation with Market Express Ltd.