Our Expertise

Trade Merchandising

Merchandising in trade has been a proven weapon for communication at mass layer. Merchandising is such an important wing that it has to serve both trade and consumers. The after math of quality merchandising is that it can create a linkage between “getting informed of a brand” and transformation of its “purchasing incidence”. Over the years, ME has been delivering its best in this segment. ME does not just believe in finest execution, it has firm conviction that a “cost effective & innovative solution” in this channel is pretty obvious, and whoever will amalgamate the required facts into a innovative tray -will get the bigger share of the pie. All you need to do is- toss your idea with us; we would be there to shape yours into a robust plan for effective merchandising.

Consumer Engagement

Communicating consumers profoundly and sensing the pulse of the consumers-is a litmus test for any brands to survive and to propel. This test reveals us with deeper insights; Insights that can shape the future for any brand. Every needs of consumers’ can be addressed in retail touch points. ME has been playing in this ground with solid involvements to cater the needs of consumers and at the same time disseminating the required brand’s message to fulfill the “Lego of Consumer engagement”.  ME has been venturing with the world’s biggest brands’ consumer engagement activity with detailed and effective P&E over the last 5 years. 1-2-1 or 1-2-many, you name it, ME has successful footprints in all of these versions. Tell us your Brands’ KSMs and probable touch points- we would weave your story for future.

Trade Loyalty Planning and Execution

Retail advocacy can be the power house for any brands. This is a journey where retails turn into a mouthpiece of any brand/company. Making this possible is actually a dare ask; However, meticulous planning with externalities embedded within can create an advocacy architecture where retail would facilitate the brand communication and sell in through a captivate consumers would become its derivatives. ME from the beginning has been actively participating in different flagship loyalty projects from renowned clients in this soil. ME has been trying to draw a curve which depicts a holistic picture of retail footprints and their associated trade dynamics. Again it must be worth mentioning that chopping at the right edge consecutively plays a pivotal role here. You just come up with your vision, ME’s dedicated marketers are ever ready to build a “long term and cost effective” trade loyalty architecture suits your pursuit.

Trade Promotion Management

Managing retail promotion is a mammoth task when it comes to superior execution at a fragmented retail Universe where we usually work.  Managing Trade promotion is like managing retails at individual level. Market Express has been performing outstanding with the state-of–the-art control mechanism and superior execution at its best. Strong networks across the country and healthy business tie with different renowned vendors has made ME play a crucial role in Trade promotion management. ME works with a model which encapsulates resource matrix aligned with the trade output blended with futuristic potentials of trade. If you want to drive your business through promotion modality, ME will take you through an environment where retail promotion management is meant for transparent, heavily controlled and above all error less execution.

Trade Channel Development

An alternate channel in Trade marketing and distribution can be proven effective and it is always a Blue Ocean to dive for a strategy per se. Over the years, ME has been knitting its strengths to build alternate streams to bring together all relevant players of the market even closer and under control to reap out business results, however which are/were untapped. ME has a proven and time tested business model to startup this engine and in return ME can offer last mile distribution of products and services with a commendable brand awareness even in BOP segment. ME make things feasible for you, all you need to do is to tell your story, we would do the rest.

Efficient Distribution Management Model

Excellence is distribution is the first footprint of any brands. It is crucial and challenging. Efficiency and effectiveness can come through materializing “fully outsourced distribution process”. This might be a big step change but it is the future, we believe. ME longs for this journey and dreams of reshaping the landscape of distribution operation in this country. B2C, D2D and even more combinations can be thought of. As a company, you just come up with your vision on S&D, we would do the execution articulating – RTM, ROIC, S&D platforms.

Training and Capability Enhancement

Developed and skilled trade marketer will always be a step ahead than any lay person. Exact need of the people has to be addressed with proper training calendar. ME believes in sharing hands with its clients in making “the right people to right talent” journey ever more effective, comprehensive and worthwhile. From tracing the need assessment to the content development and from the content development to visual training avatar-ME has all the expertise to address the needs of time. ME has proven track record in conducting tailor made training sessions addressing different workgroups need of an organization. We would just take a few days both on and off the pitch of your workgroups, needs would be tracked and you will get what you need to enlighten the brains and legs of your organization.

Retail Media Merchandising

The very important concept lies in this segment is making a media in the trade cluster which will augment the presence of the brand and thus deliver the brand aura to a target segment. Here comes every alternative ways of media which can be aligned with the Brand architecture. Retail itself will become an evangelist in merchandising and might communicate through colour, in-house and out-store items etc. The subtleness in Communication here works best. In our eyes, it is going to play a big role and ME has the entire armory to make it a success. Give us your Brand history, we would do the rest.

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